Monday, April 11, 2011

Nectar Hills

I am in the process of creating Nectar Hills for my story. I am using the Riverview World map. Basically, the residents of Nectar Hills are vintners, and have developed a mechanically inclined community, with unique homes designed to make maximum use of the land. I have removed most of the sims. I left a few I wanted to keep and berrified them (see below.)

Here's some preliminary shots:

A few of the residents I kept:

George Chablis (George Dean)

Billy Beaujolais (Billy Caspian)

Image Hosted by
Don Perignon (Don Lothario)

You can read the Introduction here.


  1. Ah Don! :P Always good to keep Don around to pollinate the masses hehehe

  2. Well, he can turn out some good looking offspring! ;)