Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nectar Hills - Chapter 5

Can you believe it? 5 … count ‘em … FIVE toddlers. What did we do to deserve … I mean … to be blessed with five healthy, happy boys? As much work as they are, I don’t think either of us would trade them for the world. Each one is special in his own way.

Meals seemed to run back to back with the boys. They were always hungry. I swear, that as soon as we got them all fed and out of their chairs, it was time to put them right back and start the next meal.

There were days when the care for the boys took its toll. El was affected more than I, but I was no less unscathed. I’m sure it was that she wanted a baby girl after the twins. We’ve tried, but perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be. I still can’t help but feel sad for El; she loves the boys, but a girl would have been so nice for her.

I must say, though, that having so many so close in age is very taxing. I have nothing but admiration for people who run day care centers. It takes a special person to WANT to take care of so many young children.

We put several toys and activities out on the deck for the boys. The house is just too small inside to have the boys AND their toys. They seem to like it just fine out there. I have noticed the brush growing up between the slats on the deck. I really need to get some of that cut back and cleared away before the city takes our home away.

I seem to always be the lucky one to draw potty duty. Now that the boys are potty trained and can go on their own, someone else [namely me] must go behind them and keep their potties clean. We could only fit three potties in the bathroom, so they [and we] will just have to make do.

I’m glad the twins took to walking so quickly. It gives El and I some extra time to ourselves. With the two of them more mobile, we could spend more time with the triplets. True, we still weren’t afforded the time we needed to get our lives back in order, but the blessings outweigh the hardships.

El gets out and takes walks, and I tend to the garden as much as I can. I must admit, the weeds are winning the war. I was able to get my home business permit for nectar making from city hall, but the business was slow in taking off. Hopefully I can engage one or two of my progeny in the family legacy.

But, for now, I will settle for what I have; a beautiful wife and five wholesome, healthy children. We were fortunate that they played very well together. We seldom had to intervene on a scuffle between any of them. Thanks to Aunt Cin, and her excursions through town with El, the boy had many wonderful, even if some were used, toys to play with. Although busy with his own family, Uncle Val found time to make a toy chest for us to store the toys in. The kids are lucky to have such thoughtful relatives.

As darkness fell in the evenings, we would start to round up our brood and get them ready for bed. The evenings when El would get out for some time to herself, I let the boys slide and play a little longer. Smoky would sometimes come toddling over and ask for a story, saying, “Dada, boo.” The others, like a perceptive herd, would come toddling and crawling over as well.

I’m sure they didn’t understand what the story was about, but they would sit (for the most part), and listen to every word.

Although the others would wander off and return, Smoky sat there, looking at the pictures as I read.

I would occasionally notice the other boys just staring off into the corners of the room, but they would still sit there. Perhaps the tone of my voice made them feel safe. Well, that’s what I told myself, anyway.

The more and more I read to them, the longer they all sat there. I wonder if they were actually beginning to understand the story. Whatever their reasons for sitting there for such a long time while I read; I was just elated to have them all near.

On the evenings that El was out by herself or with her sister, she would call to check on how I was faring with the platoon. When my phone would ring, all of the boys would say “Mommy” in some form or another.

They would be so excited, that there was no way I was getting them down soon thereafter.

I think El secretly hoped I was having difficulty with the boys so she would have a reason to rush right home; but it always did her a world of good to get away. She would return many times with new books to read to the kids that she found on sale at the bookstore or that she borrowed from the library.

I had taken my first batches of nectar to the local consignment shop in hopes that I would be able to sell something; if even to get my name out there. We still didn’t know too many people in town, and Val had suggested starting there as he had taken up painting and was selling them on consignment there. You’ve got to start somewhere.

I was surprised when Blueberry Muffin called and said she had sold all but one bottle just two days later. I gathered up everything I had ready and took it down. It was selling surprisingly quickly and I have since been receiving private requests from townsfolk that happened to catch me at the consignment shop. The business was picking up, albeit slowly, but I was in no position to take on much more right now. At least this was starting to bring in some money.

I decided to take some of the extra cash and hire a maid to give El a break from housework. Of course it was partly selfishness on my part, as I did not want to empty the kids’ potties anymore. I called the local maid service and surprisingly, they had someone available and sent him right over for an interview.

I was a bit leery, at first, about having a male maid. Perhaps it was sexist on my part, but I was sure a man was not going to clean as thoroughly as a woman.

He arrived no too long after and introduced himself as Sacchrum Kane. He seemed competent enough; had good credentials; so I hired him on the spot.

He turned out to be every bit as good as the agency had said. I’m glad he proved me wrong. I will have to try harder not to be so stereotypical in the future.

When I told El that I had hired a maid, she was ecstatic. She bombarded me with questions about when they started and such.

From the reaction I got from El, I should have hired a maid a long time ago.

With the twins’ birthday rapidly approaching, we made some much need renovations to the house. We added a second floor, finished a room for the twins and moved our bedroom upstairs. We knocked out a few walls downstairs and expanded the kitchen and living rooms. We can hold off on finishing the rest for a little while; but it will need to be finished before the triplets’ birthday rolls around.

Time for more birthdays; the twins become children.

First up is Dusty.

And then it’s Smoky’s turn at the cake.

That proved to be a long day. While rounding up the kids to put them to bed, we found Coal fast asleep on the deck; the underbrush reaching through the cracks to gently caress him. I will have to take care of the brush. I can’t put it off any more.

That said, I made my way down the stairs at the back of the house to get started on clearing the brush away.

This is going to be a lot of work; I need the exercise anyway. The only exercise I’ve gotten recently was from mashing grapes for the nectar; neglecting the upper body.

The next big event was the first day of school for the twins. The summer passed all too quickly and the boys would begin their first year at Sugar Valley Elementary. El walked them to the bus. The tears rolled down her cheek as the bus pulled away from the curb.

End Chapter


  1. Those are some BIIIIG bushes! :P Good luck with that Jag lol. I can imagine El being all emotional to see the boys go off to school lol

    Time to get those triplets aged up as well so that she and Jag can nap for about a year to catch up :P

  2. Handsome boys!!!! Wow 5 boys...been there before ;D