Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nectar Hills Gen 2 Heir [Opinion] Poll

I am looking to choose the generation 2 McWine heir very soon. I have indicated [opinion] as I have one of the boys in mind, but am curious to see what others think. If you would like to leave comments as to why you chose the way you did, I might feel inclined to change my choice.

Below are their CAS portraits, dressed as I envision them to be as they grow up, along with their current traits. All traits have been acquired randomly. There has been no gender manipulation in either of the births. Jag and El both still have the wish for a girl, and I may try to fulfill those wishes, but I don't foresee that child being considered for heir/ess.

Twins (Teen)

Dusty (gamer extraordinaire)
Traits: Good, Genius, Computer Whiz, Bookworm

Smoky (family man)
Traits: Family-Oriented, Disciplined, Eccentric, Great Kisser

Triplets (Teen):

Onyx (musician)
Traits: Virtuoso, Perfectionist, Clumsy, Excitable

Coal (musician)
Traits: Loner, Star Quality, Virtuoso, Childish

Grey (athletic)
Traits: Brave, Athletic, Hydrophobic, Commitment Issues


  1. Voted :D. I Had a hard time picking - you have a fine selection of boys here. Coal looks like a male version of his momma :P

  2. Oh and it's interesting that both our firsts were all purple and we both got some random genetics in there hehe

  3. Yeah, I'm not loving the random eye color, though! :P

  4. *whispers* Change it :P In a regular legacy I'd leave it but in a rainbowcy?! :P

  5. I voted and now im going to go back and read :)