Friday, August 5, 2011

My Simself Speed Legacy!

Heirs/Heiresses at a glance, generations one through ten:



All children are listed in order of birth/adoption. Click on each sims portrait to download the .sim file in .rar format. Place the .sim file in your SavedSims folder. Note: Gaston's file includes the .sim file of his IF, LeFou; Mordecai and Geoffery (and his IF, Jelly Bean) aren't currently available.

Generation 2 (Rob's children):

Twins, Michael and Ryan (heir); Wyatt (adopted); Seth; and Lucy (adopted).

Also in generation two, but not eligible for heir/heiress:

Vampire spawn born after generation 2, Mordecai and Geoffery.

Generation 3 (Ryan's children):

Eilee, Rina, and triplets, Flik, Hanna and Viktor (heir).

Generation 4 (Viktor's children):

Twins, Titania and Boyd (heir); and Rhys.

Generation 5 (Boyd's children):

Gaston; twins Phillipe (heir) and Belle; Adam; and Maurice.

Generation 6 (Phillipe's children):

Percival; Leo; and twins, Chris (heiress) and Jimba; and Hugo.

Notes on Custom Content: Most sims have CC hair. Most males sims have CC earrings from TSR. Titania has CC leggings. Chris has a CC necklace and matching earrings by Tomislaw (free at TSR). If you want any of the sims sans CC, please leave a comment.

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