Friday, August 26, 2011

Impressions of Hidden Springs...errr...gripes about EA

I got it! Well, duh, it is The Sims 3 content from EA...not much of a reason, but I guess I'm addicted to the slipshod content that EA puts out...

I must admit, I was intrigued about the Fountain of Youth. The hype (the video walk-trough, mainly), was enough to reel me in! I guess I'm just a gullible, masochistic, sucker! They say there's one born every minute, and I now have to wonder if I'm the only one; and am reborn every minute...I even complained that the video walk-through was poorly done with the camera at an angle to the computer monitor. anyway, I have it!

All the gripes about it's price are dumbfounded; I mean, I figured it to be about 2400 Sim Points! Considering Hidden Springs came with the Fountain of Youth that offered "added game play" whereas Barnacle Bay was released at 1600 Sim Points and had no such object, and the other objects released with added game play were upwards of 1200 Sim Points by themselves in the Store...and it's released "on sale" for the whopping discount of 200 Sim Points at 2250...

It's pretty! It's green! (Should have listened to you, Jules!) Don't need another green world!

There are plenty of pics on the TS3 forums, so I won't waste my time with generic pics here! (Okay, so I didn't take any shots for the sake of taking shots!)

I was thoroughly put off by the mountainous terrain, as I knew I would be! It is not camera friendly! It really irks me when I pan around the back of a lot to take a screenshot and I get whisked away to some mountain peak, losing my bearings AND MY SHOT!

I, like many others, searched and searched for this mystical Fountain of Youth that was the centerpiece of EA's hype for this world, only to find out that the players have to place this fountain themselves! What kind of lazy shit is that? (I am now of the opinion that every negative trait in the game was taken from one of the design team members!)

I truly expected to install the world, select a pre-made sim, and PLAY! Well, double-dumb-ass on me! Was it too much to expect to have the Fountain of Youth PLACED after all the hype? Am I really that stupid?

Anyway, I placed the fountain and made somewhat of a grotto in the park nearest the lot I chose to place my sims! So here are a couple screen shots (that's all you get)! :P

I have since added fog emitters! I may adjust/add some lighting after I see what it looks like in the dark!

*The stairs I used are from Luna Sims Santorini build set!


  1. Does the Fountain of Youth offer "added gameplay" in the same way the wind chimes offer "added gameplay"?

  2. I haven't looked at the wind chimes, so I cannot compare the two. The Fountain has options for your sims to View, Drink or Wish for Youth! The wish for youth is self explanatory; there is a chance that your sim will be granted youth by making the wish (I'm guessing back to the beginning of the YA stage)! The Drink option, from what I understand, has a slim chance of halting the sim's aging (not something I want to test on an elder sim).

  3. The "added gameplay" of the wind chimes:

    They make noise.

  4. That... kinda sucks. Not surprised you bought it though lol :)

    But I do appreciate the review. Terrible of EA. With so many ways to alter aging, the fountain is rather moot. Does it at least have a new animation, or something recycled?

  5. Oh, yay! Must get the Wind Chimes! *rolls eyes* (Since I play with the sound off, that would be a waste!)

    It has a pool that...well...pools and a water spray...that sprays! Other than that, I don't know! I've yet to have a sim reap the benefits of either option...

    Liam is the only guy in the town that has found a mate...bodes well for this group of sims!

  6. I love the grotto you made for the fountain though. EA can hire you to tell them how dumb they are hehe

  7. Thanks, Cami! Just wish the damned rocks were recolorable!

  8. So in essence what you're saying is, instead of a button at the store that reads "Buy now" it should actually read "MUHAHAHA Sucker!" ...?

    *Steals Rob's hat*

  9. That's about it! And, you know, I'll fall for it every time! "Oh, a lolly!" *click*

    *feels a draft*