Monday, August 1, 2011

Graduation Day!

I will probably have to catch up the Speed Legacy now, but I wanted to share my first ever graduation! :P

It happened on a Monday! Is it just me? :P

It took all day, starting before noon and still in progress at 7:30 pm!

The graduates.

Rob and daughter, Lucy, two of the three oldest sims in town.

Geoffery: "I'm too sexy for my robe; too sexy for my robe; too sexy!"
Kraig: *facepalm*

(left to right) Lucy Newby Duvall Lothario (Gen 2, Rob's adopted daughter), Boris Lothario (Gen 3, Lucy's son), LeFou (Gaston's IF), Sheila Michaels (Gen 4, daughter of Eilee, Viktor's half sister), Rob (Founder), Boyd (Gen 4, Viktor's son), Viktor (Gen 3, Ryan's son), Geoffery (Gen 2, Rob's son), and Gaston (Gen 5, Boyd's son)

OK, it's midnight and everyone is still at City Hall...

Some random pics

Gen 5 heir, Phillipe! (No poll needed) :P

Pretty boy Geoffery...

...not so much!

Someone's sleepy! That's a Lothario for you!


  1. Graduation day in a speed legacy is BRUTAL because it only seems to happen like every 3-5 generations or something! So EVERYONE is graduating lol

  2. Haha, brutal is putting it mildly, Cami! I've had performance issues ever since installing Generations! Even with no mods, CC, and disabling the CC in the Launcher, it performing very poorly. I'm surprised the ghosts didn't come down the hill for the ceremony! :P

  3. As usual, the boys look great! I love the vamps. ;)

    Rob looks dashing in his hat and coat. :D