Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nectar Hills Intro


Having come of age, it was time for the boys to begin families of their own. Jagger and Valentino McWine were expected to carry on the family legacy in Nectar Hills, making exquisite nectars of all varieties.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any available women in Nectar Hills of age to marry. There have been great medical strides in genetic manipulation in an effort to increase the male population, but it has gone awry, produce almost no female offspring. Every effort by scientist to reverse the catastrophic results have gone unrewarded. Their parents suggested they make the trek to the port city of Sugar Valley to seek out their mates.

The guys set out on their matrimonial journey with nothing more than their favorite instruments, a stock of grape seeds and blueprints for various contraptions, including a nectar making machine. Not knowing how long it would take the men to find wives, their family felt it important that they continue to hone their nectar making skills while away from home.

The laptops were also uploaded with the most recent information on Sugar Valley. However, no one from Nectar Hills had ventured to Sugar Valley in quite some time, since an earthquake severed the land, cutting Nectar Hills off from them. As time has passed, landfalls within the great chasm have made some passable routes, allowing travel to the outside world once again.

The information was more than two decades old and they really had no idea what to expect, but the brothers were not to be swayed from finding mates in Sugar Valley.

They arrived at the city limits in the dark of night, masking their approach to the sleepy hamlet.

“Well, Val, we made it,” I observed.

“Let’s do this and get back home,” he countered, clearly not wanting to be here.

End intro

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