Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nectar Hills - Chapter One

Chapter One

We found our way to the city center as the sun rose above the horizon. We found ourselves outside a very colorful park; the colors almost blinding to us in the bright sunlight. Our home, Nectar Hills, rarely sees such bright sunlight, if ever at all. Our home is draped in dark purples and greens, deep reds, rich blacks, and subdued whites and yellows; all the colors of the perfect nectar. So you can imagine the jolt to our senses, when the sun peeked above the horizon, and we were bombarded with such bright hues.

Not only the landscape and sky were bright and colorful; the people were also so much brighter than everyone back home. I stopped a gentleman passerby to seek out some information; we were going to need a place to stay until our task was complete and we could return home.

He greeted me with an odd, mistrusting look.

“Excuse me, sir, could you please tell us if there is a hostel or the like nearby?” I inquired. “We have just arrived and need a place to stay!”

With a snooty tilt of his head, he suggested we check at the Housing Office to see if there was something suitable for “our kind” in town.

“There, in City Hall,” he indicated, before hastily continuing on his way.

We made our way over to City Hall.

After being ignored or snubbed by several more people inside, we finally located an office directory which pointed us in the proper direction. It’s amazing that with so many people in this building, not one of them could even point their finger to direct us. Are we that different?

Feeling all warm and fuzzy from the welcoming looks we’ve received thus far, we made our way to the Housing Office. The clerk greeted us with a smile; at least there’s one friendly face. In response to our inquiry about housing, the clerk indicated that there were a couple semi-rundown houses on the edge of town that are “putting a bad light” on Sugar Valley.

“How much would this house cost us?” I asked wearily.

“If you were to clean up the property and keep it up to Sugar Valley code, there would be no cost to you at all,” the clerk beamed, hopeful for someone to clean up another property.

“Can we see the properties in question?” Val asked, speaking up for the first time.

The clerk gave us directions and a map to each of the properties, apologizing for not being able to accompany us; something about being the only one on duty at the time. I couldn’t help but wonder if he might be leery of being seen in public with us. Whatever, we gather the maps and instructions and we were off.

Arriving at the first property, I took an instant liking to it. Against Val’s protests, I decided to accept this property without looking at the others. Val was less than pleased, I fear. We returned to the Housing Office and informed the clerk we would accept his proposal for the first property. He had the necessary papers on hand. We signed them and were on our way.

Once the brush and debris had been cleared away and disposed of, we set about clearing some land for a garden. We planted the seeds we had brought with us from home, hoping we would have some luck with the plants in this soil. We would have to eat, and there wasn’t much money filling our coffers.

After sending a message to the folks back home, I perused the files on the laptop and found that we had been provided blueprints to a nectar-making machine and other devices.

I showed them to Val and we mulled over the idea of attempting to build some of these machines to keep ourselves busy. The busier we kept ourselves, the less we would feel like misfits here.

That night, we decided to look around town for building materials. Hopefully there would be fewer people about to display their disgust or mistrust; whatever it was that they felt toward us. We happened upon a junkyard where we scored a lot of discarded material we could use.

We returned after several trips, and set about building a workbench we could use as a station to erect our other projects. I set about working on the nectar machine from the blueprints we found. This could be built in sections and assembled in a larger space later.

The nightly excursions about town became a routine. We would hunt the materials we needed, and sometimes come across other treasures as well. We found many edible plants in the public gardens, but were careful not to pick the plants clean, for fear it may be illegal.

We would sleep the rest of the night away, rising early to tend to the garden. The hot sun of the day could damage the delicate vines when disturbed by our intrusion.

As the days went on, I found myself tending the garden by myself. Val would disappear into the night without as much as a word. He would return just after dawn some days and might help work on the construction of our machines.

One night I couldn’t sleep and decided to follow Val into the darkness to see what he was up to. Of course, I lost track of which direction he had gone. I wandered about for a while; only to come across some wild plants near the waterfall we had passed entering Sugar Valley.

As I was harvesting the plants, I happened to look up to see someone stepping from the spray of the waterfall. The rays of moonlight gently danced off the woman’s glistening skin. She was clearly not from around here; not from Sugar Valley.

I could not tear my eyes away. I watched as she gently brushed the beads of water from her smoky skin. I found this very erotic; I wanted this woman.

I returned to the waterfall every night, just to catch a glimpse of her, only to find her not there. One night I arrived later than usual and, as luck would have it, she was there. She had evidently finished her “shower” and was walking towards me.

I decide to take a chance and talk to her.

“Oh, hello,” I feigned, “I didn’t know anyone else was here. My name is Jag.”

She was clearly not to be taken for a fool.

“You were watching me, weren’t you,” she glared.

“You sick, twisted excuse for a person; I feel all creepy and icky now.”

“Just get away from me, you pervert.”

She continued to rant on, making me feel like a heel. When she finally finished, flashing the smallest smile at me; proud of herself; clearly sated, knowing that she aroused me. Damn, I want her!

“No, no! You’ve got it all wrong. I just got here!” I stammered.

“Oh, I’m sorry for the outburst, then,” she apologized; sounding less than genuine.

She eventually told me her name is El. We met at the waterfall a few more times; eventually meeting at other venues in town. She told me Val was seeing her sister, Cin. Now I know where he had been sneaking off to all this time.

I had become so enamored of El; and she of me. I decided that I would take the plunge today, and steal a kiss from the woman who had stolen my heart.

I met no resistance to my forward advance. My heart has been stolen; with no objections from me. I hope we can carry on my family legacy together.


  1. Dawwww!! Things seem to be working out!! ^-^

  2. The story of how they met is cute, I wonder if she really believed he wasnt watching her.