Monday, March 7, 2011

Misadventure of Boris and Jing - Snake Charming

Snake Charming

What a fool I was to let some local talk me in to trying my hand at snake charming. I foolishly thought ‘What can happen? I don’t know how to play the pipes well enough to bring dirty laundry from the basket, let alone a snake. What harm could it do to try?’

Little did I know there was actually a snake in the basket. A poisonous viper, rising and swaying to the tune (or lack thereof) I was managing to eke out of the unfamiliar instrument. Rising higher and swaying to the notes that sounded so horrible in my ears. I wondered how they got this rubber fake to rise like that! It was so lifelike.

It was mesmerized, enraptured by the music. The charmer said the snake was looking for a kiss. He instructed me on the proper actions to perform to lure the asp to my lips for the kiss.

Both the snake and I moved in unison, slowly inching closer to one another.

Then the viper’s tongue waved in from of me from its gaping jaws. I jumped, the snake jumped, both startled by the outcries. What was I thinking? I could have been bitten by this poisonous wretch.

I screamed in horror as the snake shot its head forth trying to sink its fangs in to tender flesh, leaving its mark and calling card behind. I was fortunate enough to have the reflexes of a scared child and manage to move far enough from the snake’s reach.

As I rose after slamming the lid back on the basket, I noticed Jing, with camera in hand, giggling uncontrollably at my expense. I could have easily gotten angry, but instead, found myself chuckling along with her.

I may have to give this a try another day. Of course, more lessons will be in order beforehand.

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