Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some Randoms from yet another new game I started! :P

Of course I just had to use the turban that came with the More Magic Stuff set!

The new family:


Haji's LTW is Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law, so he started acquiring things! Don't think the town will recognize this from one of their parks! ;)

Katia seems to like her hammock bed!

The cat and dog have their toys!

I guess the maid approves, although I could care less what she thinks, so long as she keeps the house clean!

The bouncer at the saloon must be a member of a swim team...

"What the hell is she nickering about?"

"Let's play veterinarian! Open wide and say ah!"

It seems the paparazzi get worse with every game...

I get the impression he isn't photographing Haji!

Just cuz I liked these:

And now I'm going to try to be productive! :P


  1. Berrified unicorns isn't productive? lol

    Great pics!

  2. Love the pics....and haji is awesome!!! :D

  3. Your pets are so cute, Rob *_* I'm in love with the unicorns!

  4. Thanks, Nova! I'm glad you like my Unicorns! :D