Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moving Medieval to the Sims 3...

I just had to get all of the Medieval clothing converted for TS3, since EA is too dumb to figure out what we really want, and give use lame unicorns instead of were-creatures and make medieval a stand alone game!

I can understand their motives to an extent! I mean, I really don't want all of my sims changing into Medieval attire as they age up in a non medieval setting! I think the horses with Pets will work nicely with a Renaissance Faire or some such!

Anyway, I was checking out the large number of outfits, both male and female, that I have gathered from various sites. Along with the great CC build items from Luna, I put together a small photo shoot of sorts! :P

The Michaels/Lothario children from Crescent Bay

Ruby and Axel Lothario's children!

Boris Michael's children!


  1. ren faire here we go! :D

    I haven't gotten any of them since the first few came out but then I'm done with that era of Taffity lol

  2. Awww, the kids look great. Byron looks grumpy. :P

  3. Are you willing to set these up for download?! I have been looking EVERYWHERE!

  4. You can find links at MATY! In this thread...
    TSM for TS3
    Most of the clothing is by CocoMama