Thursday, September 15, 2011

Packaging, packaging, packaging...

...and re-packaging!

I downloaded a lot of "must have" CC and decided to repackage all of my CC since my game began to crawl at a snail's pace...Not that Generations didn't have anything to do with it! *insert BIG eye roll here*

The sad part of it all, is that I will probably NEVER use some of the CC, but I HAD to have it! [You all know what I mean!] You kinda like get these favorite sites with your favorite Creators and just have to have EVERYTHING they make (thanks to Luna and Sandy for fueling my insanity)...But it all looks so grand and you know you will find a use for it someday! Right? Yeah, right!

Anyway, while SP3E was doing it's thing (you know, that thing that it does,) I tuned in to a little bit of The Sims Medieval. I'm currently playing a quest with my bard, Feldar Spring. I love the bard!

Feldar loves to bore the citizenry with his lame poetry (lame because I come up with lame titles :P)...

I don't have a clue what the bard is doing in the background, but I saw the physician (his name escapes me at the moment-probably something lame like the bard's) holding his stomach and wincing in pain (perhaps from listening to the aforementioned lame poetry of the bard's) while standing at the operating table awaiting his next victim...err...patient!

On his way home, the bard ran into the spy, Shade... (Shade is another of my favorites.)

...and decided to bore him with more lame poetry...

...which, evidently, is a crime, punishable by a stint in the stocks! Or perhaps they have just recently outlawed bardic tales of woe, written solely for the purpose of boring the citizenry to death!

And while there, the usual crowd appeared for the thrill of tossing tomatoes or eggs at the lucky stiff (well they do get stiff legs from being all hunched over in those contraptions, you know) placed on display for them to admire!

Eventually, the Royal Advisor shows up and begins pelting Feldar with a few rotten fruits of his own!

Pointing and laughing like a common peasant!

After a few well placed tomatoes, he changed tunes and began berating the Constable for locking up poor Feldar, who had just previously been awarded the first ever Citizen of the Month Award (or some such nonsense!)

Oh, packages are done...back to my stories...


  1. Yes, we know that thing it does lol. And the compulsion to download CC you probably will never use lol. Both been there and done that :P

    Love the ME pics

  2. Love the pics! Poor Bard..just doing what he loves.