Monday, September 5, 2011

More TSM random...

A Dragon slaying quest with Knight-Captain Ke'Van and secondary hero, Adept Godwin! Godwin cast a Fire Protection spell on Ke'Van, then slammed him with a Magic Missile spell! Oops! Kinda went awry there! :P So Ke'Van was stuck in this singed state for a good part of the day and wasn't able to do much except hunt in the forest and play his fiddle!


The Guard at the forest asked Ke'Van to spar with him!

Fiddlin' around (not to be confused with diddlin') :P

Godwin found some treasure! This was a reload! The first attempt, he was snatched down the hole by the Pit Beast, taken to the pit and lost in a fight with the beastie! :P

Ke'Van, back in action and ready for a little dragon slaying...

The quest ending!


  1. I've always liked the quest art work :P

  2. I am so gonna steal that wizard hat when you're not looking...

  3. Haha! I don't think so my good sir! I may turn my back, but The Watcher is always watching!