Thursday, December 1, 2011

More poopies...

I find it disappointing in the limited interactions between dogs (I haven't experienced cats yet) and sims. Sniff and knock over? Seriously? Is that it? Where's the licking and why can't toddlers hug the pets? They could in TS2, if I remember correctly! Regardless, it sucks! The Sims 3 game designers are really lacking on imagination and/or animation! Perhaps they are just ignorant to what Pets are! Or even more so, they just suck; as with Hidden Springs, they gave us a fountain of youth and hyped it to the hilt, yet did not feel the need to PLACE one in the world, leaving the user dumbfounded, trying to locate this mystical fountain! I don't know about others, but I am losing interest in the game altogether! I cannot remember EVER being this disappointed with The Sims or Sims 2! /rant

In any case, I find some of the animations for the pets are neat!

And this, in my opinion, has got to be the ugliest set of items EA has put out to date!

Seriously, who the hell designed this thing?


  1. I love your rants! And i agree 100%, kids were able to hug pets in Sims why not this time around? Freakin' EA! *angry face*

  2. hehee that bed is a bit over the top....and looks damn near deadly for the chewy dog like mine who would get tinsel and garland all up in his belly lol

  3. At least the pets are cute, even if they seem to have serious limitations.