Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Firefighter Ace...

Curiosity gets the best of me sometimes, and I downloaded default replacement firefighter uniforms from Mod the Sims.

To get them to show up, you have to have your sim join the firefighter career. So Boris, not having a job, was the lucky guinea pig! I took him to the fire station and had him join the force!

I immediately set him up to upgrade the alarm system and the trucks horsepower. Earlier, back at the house, I had Achilles upgrade the fireplace in the study to Auto Light! Well, not only did it auto light itself, but one of the Canopic jars on its mantle!

I instructed Achilles and Damon to extinguish the flames, and it appears there was some "discussion" as to which was going to do it... (I assume Damon was pointing out to Achilles that he was the Pyromaniac!) the blaze continued to spread!

After the usual extinguisher jams...

The flames were finally subdued! in retrospect, I should have made the fireplace fire proof (but then there's no fun in that)!

As if on cue, the fire department arrived (sans Boris, who was STILL upgrading the fire engine that was now outside his house) to tell them what a great job they did with the fire and to be more careful in the future! Boris eventually made his way home and I had him change into his uniform!

I have no interest in the firefighter profession (and other Ambitions professions), but I wanted to check this out! Of course, I did not follow Boris to work when the carpool arrived...

...but rather, let him go off on his own!

A short time later, I see an icon on the right of the screen indicating there was a small house fire! I, of course, chose to ignore it! A short time later, this message pops up:

"Grand Wizard Franklin never quite prepared Boris for the awesoe, destructive power of the Explosive Fireball Incantation. Obviously the name should have provided some indication, but wow, fire!"

Now, I was scratching my head and wondering what was going on! I zoomed in on Boris at the location of the fire...

Some hero, indeed!


  1. I want pictures when he gets the medal from city hall :P

  2. I can appreciate Boris in his new fireman duds. ;) He looks sexy in anything.

    I also love Damon and Achilles discussing who will extinguish the flames. :D